If you are in any unsure what to expect with your Thai traditional therapy massage appointment
then don’t hesitate to discuss this with me.

Thai Therapy Massage can be an intense or challenging experience if you are unfamiliar with the experience.
Different people have different levels of  pain threshold.
What some people enjoy, others may find uncomfortable and even painful. 

You are supposed to enjoy the experience of a Thai therapy massage.
If at any time you are uncomfortable or you prefer a gentler experience then don’t hesitate to inform Papaya and she will adjust the pressure she applies. 

While we wait for the payment portal to be arranged, if you wish to pay for your therapy in advance, you can do this by bank transfer.
Please contact me at my email address and I shall send you my bank details.

Massage consulatation
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If this is your first visit then Papaya will discuss your requirments and give you a one therapy massage at a specially discounted rate.

Relaxing full body
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Relaxing full body experience

Enjoy the experience of a one hour, 90 minute or two hour full body Thai Traditional Therapy Massage.
If you ever go to Thailand and wish to experience an authentic traditional Thai therapy massge then this is what you will experience. 

Deep tissue massage
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Deep tissue remedial

This type of Thai therapy massage is intended for clients with an underlying health issue. This can be quite an intense experience. Make sure you tell Papaya if the session is in any way uncomfortable and she will adjust the pressure applied.  

Foot massage
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Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology (foot massage) is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points of the feet, ears and hands using thumb, finger and hand massage techniques to alleviate certain conditions in the body. Papaya Thai will determine whether a session or course of foot massage will alleviate your condition.

Head massage
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Head, neck, back & shoulders

Massaging the head and neck can alleviate a number of medical conditions like stiffness or headache.
A traditional Thai therapy head massage is a unique and enjoyable experience and can leave you feeling more positive and refreshed.

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