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Whether you need diagnosis and treatment for a specific condition or just a relaxing and unwinding session then Papaya Thai will meet your needs. 

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Hello - I'm Papaya Thai

I have been a practitioner of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy for 30 years  having been orginally taught by  graduates from Wat Po  learning centre and home of Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand.


I specialise in authentic Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and can identify and treat a wide range of health issues that will respond to the appropriate treatment. You can read what my clients think of my services at the bottom of this page.


Whether you would like to experience the sensual pleasure a full body 2 hour relaxing Traditional Thai Therapy Message or if you have a specific injury to a part of your body or you just suffer from allround aches and pains then I can provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

Our new premises now open!

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** please note. Papaya Thai Therapy Massage is a genuine and legitimate service for the treatment of a different range of medical conditions. 
Categorically NO other services are provided so please do not ask for them.

Relax and unwind

Enjoy a soft and relaxing gentle massage or a firmer and more intense experience suited to your requirements

Full body

We can offer full body or specific area therapy. Troubled with a sore or aching neck, leg or back?
Let Papaya Thai ease your discomfort

Deep tissue therapy

Papaya Thai can identify your health issues and apply the appropriate treatment.

SAlon bed
Inside the salon
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Before you receive any services from Papaya Thai Therapy massage you are required to sign a consent form in the presence of the therapist. Please read the contents of this form under Liability or go here.

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