Available services and therapies

Papaya Thai will determine the correct course of therapy you require.
If you have any health issues, you can discuss these privately with Papaya and she will recommend a procedure to address these issues or if its just a relaxing massage you require then Papaya will provide this service. 

Massage consulatation

15m consultation and 
initial treatment

Relaxing full body
Relaxing full body experience

Full body
 30 minutes                 £35
1 hour full body          £50
90 minutes                 £70
2 hour full body         £90

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue remedial

Deep tissue
30 minutes          £35
 1 hour                  £50

Foot massage
Reflexology foot massage

30 minutes             £35
 1 hour                     £50

Head massage
Head, neck, back & shoulder

Neck, back and shoulders
30 minutes         £35
 1 hour                 £50 
90 minutes          £70
 2 hours               £90 

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Should you require a specially tailored package that combines any or all of the above therapies then this can be arranged with Papaya.

The Benefits of Traditional Thai Therapy

The are many benefits of experiencing a traditional Thai therapy massage.

Go here to read about some of the benefits of Thai therapy massage.

Condition Treating with Thai Therapy and Reflexology


Papaya Thai is expert at diagnosing various health conditions and understands how a foot massage can improve general health.

Reflexology is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points of the feet, ears and hands using thumb, finger and hand masssge techniques without the use of oil or lotion.


Condition Treating with Deep Tissue Remedial Therapy


If you are troubled with chronic muscle tension or you have posture issues to a troublesome back then a course of deep tissue remedial therapy might work for you. 

Thai masssage differences